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NetVision is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for the over-the-top management of ICT services, based on compliance to eTOM and ITIL standards.

It is a complete software platform optimised for the management of telecommunications, networks and IT services. NetVision delivers superior service assurance by the presentation of clear and accurate information about performance, capacity, availability and service delivery.

It’s a real-time world and customers demand proactive support, management and optimisation. With NetVision, you can achieve outstanding customer experience, while reducing costs and creating new revenue opportunities.

  • Event Manager

    NetVision Event Manager

    The NetVision Event Manager is a complete event management solution designed to support service operations.

  • Capacity Manager

    NetVision Capacity Manager

    The NetVision Capacity Manager performs the essential task of measuring resource and service utilisation and capacity in ICT networks.It is a fully compliant eTOM and ITIL capacity management solution and is focused on critical areas for successful service delivery.

  • Service Desk

    NetVision Service Desk

    The NetVision Service Desk is a complete service problem management solution for the operationalization of input, co-ordination of communications and management of work flows.

  • Service Level Manager

    NetVision Service Level Manager

    The NetVision Service Level Manager is a complete solution for real-time tracking, monitoring and enforcing service level agreements and contracts between customers, suppliers and partners.

  • Broadband Technical Manager

    NetVision Broadband Technical Manager

    The NetVision Broadband Technical Management solution has been designed to meet demand from network operators and broadband access providers for accurate measurement of quality of service delivery to their customers.